Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Superhero Theme Girl's Camp: Cityscape

The first thing we had to get ready for was Camp Kickoff to introduce the camp theme for the year. We decided to have a guest speaker who would speak on the importance of talents and gifts. We had a musical number "Glorious" (originally sung by David Archuleta) and we had our YCL's make a cute video/commercial showing how sometimes we wish we had other peoples talents but it's important to recognize and build our own. Decorating the gym was a big part of our planning. We wanted to be able to use the decorations for Kickoff as well as at camp so we could get the most out of our decorations. We really wanted to do a cityscape big enough for our Amphitheater at camp 10 ft x 15 ft, we tried pricing a banner out and it was way out of budget so we decided to sew it ourselves. Last year I made some cinch backpacks out of some no sew fabric, it's pretty durable, comes in 60" wide and is cheap, we're talking $2.99 a yard but you can use a 40% off coupon! I found it in all different colors at Hobby Lobby. Figured it would be perfect for our cityscape. This is what it looked like

We got 5 yards of blue and 10 yards of black and a little yellow. We made a base of blue and black sewn together,(10 ft high 15 ft wide) we then found a cityscape that we liked and on graphing paper figured out the dimensions for fitting it to our base. We then cut out the buildings in sections (there are 5) We sewed the windows on before attaching the buildings to the base, we did this by pinning them in place and just sewing around the edges. To attach the buildings we hung the base and then pinned them on. We sewed them on just following the edges. (make sure when you are determining the horizon for the buildings you keep it higher then 5 ft, otherwise you will see where you sewed the blue and black base together.)

We then had our Ignite logo printed on banner material and cut it out and sewed it onto the base. We put grommets all around the edges for easy hanging. We hung it up on our stage, it made a great statement as people came in. It did awesome up at camp as well, it held up really well with the wind, we didn't have any rain, but it is rain resistant as well, so we weren't worried if it had. Here's what it looked like up at camp.
It looked amazing in pictures, the girl's used it as a photo booth as well.
Next up were banners, we have used tablecloths in the past for decorating, they are easy to sew and rain resistant so we decided to use them again. We chose bright colors and cut the tablecloths into pennants, we also found some wrapping paper that was polka dotted that we used as well. Make sure to use durable string since you will be using them outside as well. It's worth spending a little more on the thicker table cloths from Zurcher's, we also found the Kapow signs at Zurchers. I just used a stapler to attach the pennants (basically making a casing make sure you put the staple under the string I did 4-5 staples), make sure to staple the bottoms as well to add some extra weight, so they hang straight.

We had our Value shields printed professionally onto plastic corrugated signs, after the fireside we wanted the girls to come into the gym and fill out their permission forms so we set up tables and signs designating where each ward would come to get their camp info. We just got extra table cloths and hung them on the walls (we saved them for another project I will post about) then put the corrugated sign in the middle. We then had a sign saying what ward it was since we were just introducing what ward had what value.
We served sugar cookies with frosting the colors of the values and different flavors of drinks, we called it our "Power aid station" we wrapped boxes in the same colors as the banners and put trays of cookies on top to give dimension and then put different quotes on skewers and pushed them into the boxes so they were standing up. It looked really great! I found the quote bubbles with a quick search on pinterest and added text with photoshop.

We made more decorations for  camp checkout my post for our Flags made out of tablecloths and our Pallet signs.

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