Thursday, October 20, 2016

Super Hero Girl's Camp Theme: Music and Skits

One of the best parts of camp are the skits and music! We were so lucky to have such talented women in our stake who were able to create some amazing new words to popular songs and skits. Thanks to Sara Dewitt, Wendy Smith and Teresa Evans for their talent! 

Rachel Platt's Fight Song

The Campers who don't do anything was a skit put on by our Laurels (YCL's) it's from Veggie Tales
the Pirates who don't do anything. We thought it would be a good, humorous way to highlight the rules of camp. I would recommend recording the girls singing it before hand because it goes pretty fast and is a little hard to hear what everyone is saying.
We did this skit the camp before, it's patterned after the Airline Safety video, it's another fun way to highlight the rules of camp

Super Hero Girl's Camp Theme: Sky High and YW gift

 For the first night of Girl's Camp we always like to set the tone of camp. We have found that doing a "walk" of some kind is something the girl's really enjoy and gives a great opportunity for us to introduce the theme in a fun and spiritual way.
This year we decided to do Sky High (you know like the movie?!) We found great inspiration from Sherri Dew's book "God Needs a Powerful People" and other resources. These were the 6 classes:

Super Hero Manual (Power in the Scriptures) English Teacher
Sidekick & Villain Training (Holy Ghost Vs. Adversary) PE Teacher
Super Hero Tech (Using Technology Wisely) Tech Teacher
Protecting your Identity (Your Origin Story) Design Teacher (Edna)
Super Hero Headquarters (Sanctuary) Shop Teacher
Combat Training (Power in the Atonement) Alumni

We asked leaders up at camp as well as a member of the Stake Presidency to be the teachers of these classes. We gave them this packet that our camp directory Coralyn Grant compiled, but encouraged them to make it there own and add personal touches. Each class was 10 minutes long with 5 minutes in between to walk. In total it was about an hour and half.
This is the object lesson that I did for the Sidekick and Villains training. I think the girls really loved it! In the class we talked about Elder Bednar's talk on how the spirit communicates with us. I equated it to these lights (see packet above) and had each girl tie a tag with her name on it to her own personal light bulb. I needed to figure out a way that the girls could access the lights but also make it possible for me to raise them out of the way. Luckily my awesome husband came up to help us prep he was able to rig the lights with a rope that went the span of the stage, we then were able to put the strands like a V, the center of the strand around the rope and then the two ends tied off to a railing on the back of the stage. We then were able to lower and raise the rope by leaving enough lead rope hanging down, there was a tall piece of wood on one side of the stage with a hole near the top, we thread the rope through and then anchored it at the bottom. In contrast you could have the girls do the activity and then string the lights in between groups.
For power we used Goal Zero solar generators, the lights only lasted about two hours because of the voltage but it was enough time for the activity. It looked so amazing! It was awesome knowing that each of the lights represented one of the girls! I think it was a highlight!
At the end of the night we handed out these floating lockets, we used shrinky dinks for our insignia and then placed jewels that were the Young Women value colors inside. I ordered them from DHgate here and here we got the 4 mmnyellow and gold beads from craft stores

This was a pin that the Language Arts teacher handed out

The lights at the end of the night, our Stake Young Women's President talking about the Atonement

You could use this for Young Women's in excellence or New Beginnings as well. It might be fun for Activity days too!