Thursday, October 20, 2016

Super Hero Girl's Camp Theme: Music and Skits

One of the best parts of camp are the skits and music! We were so lucky to have such talented women in our stake who were able to create some amazing new words to popular songs and skits. Thanks to Sara Dewitt, Wendy Smith and Teresa Evans for their talent! 

Rachel Platt's Fight Song

The Campers who don't do anything was a skit put on by our Laurels (YCL's) it's from Veggie Tales
the Pirates who don't do anything. We thought it would be a good, humorous way to highlight the rules of camp. I would recommend recording the girls singing it before hand because it goes pretty fast and is a little hard to hear what everyone is saying.
We did this skit the camp before, it's patterned after the Airline Safety video, it's another fun way to highlight the rules of camp

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