Friday, September 27, 2013

Harry Potter Spell Book

    I've had several people ask me how I made this spell book so I thought I would share the details. It's so easy and inexpensive.

You will need:

The prints from here Etsy  it is $5 ( I lucked  out and downloaded it before they were selling)
(You can also follow their tutorial) (
dollar store book
foam brush
modge podge

First I dip the edges of the book into a container filled with coffee, I then pour some grounds onto each side (not too much just a few) and then drip some water on them to help them "melt", this helps give a darkened look, I then let the book dry for a few days, or if you are in a hurry I use a blow dryer.

Print out images, I then cut the paper to size and placed the sheets on a cookie sheet. I took a foam brush and gently applied the coffee (just filled a mug with water and poured coffee in) the ink can smudge so be careful not to brush to hard. After the paper is well saturated, i trickle a small amount of coffee grounds on it, if there isn't enough water/coffee I will drip it onto the ground to again help it "melt" making it darken, I will then use the brush again to spread it, just a little bit. I then transfer the papers to another dry cookie sheet (I use a beat up one, because the coffee could be a little difficult to get off) and bake it at 200 degrees for about 5 minutes, just keep checking it. After it's dry, I then took a lighter and burned the edges of the paper.
Next I found the center of the book and brushed mode podge down the center and onto the pages, I then lined up the paper with the crease of the book and slid it in, then pressed the page onto the actual book page to help it stick.
That's all there was to it :)
To make the wands I just got some chopsticks and a big bag of decorative wood beads (found at walmart in the jewelry section) and then using my hot glue gun attached the beads in different ways, I then used craft paint to paint them different colors

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