Monday, October 17, 2011

Odds and ends

Thought I would just post some pictures of some of my things I have around the house.

 The floating candles were my friend Debbie's idea. They nearly knock a tall person out when the door swings them, but they are a fun piece.

 I made this witch several years ago, I wish I could give the instructions but I got them from a friend! My favorite part is that she has boobs! oh sigh! My friend was talking with me the other day and happened to look at her and exclaimed "Libby she has boobs!" (hee,hee) The reason for the pic, is actually the chair, I reupholstered it with this fun halloween print. The picture above is from Porter's(local  craft store) it has a motion detector and lights up and plays scary music. Jared is scared to death of it! The boys love to turn it on when someone knocks at the door so it will go off as the door opens. You have been warned!
 I love my entryway this year! I painted an old table black and put the gauze (dollar store) on it. The drapes are a bed spread that I died black/pruple (love the stripes!) I gathered it and put a wire around the top, then got a removable hook and put it on there. I then cut up the middle, hung the picture (Haunted Mansion, my friend Debbie gave me) and put the drape around the frame. The saying underneath says "Be Afraid of things that go bump in the night" (Michaels) I had to go on quite the search for the candy. The big lollipops I got from Taipan (pricey $3.95 each) I filled a short green vase with candy corn, got black and purple flowers from the dollar store and tied a ribbon around the vase and then put the lollipops in. The oldfashioned candy sticks I went out to This is the Place Heritage Park, they had purple, so I bunched them together and tied them with a ribbon, later I found the black and white at a local candy shop. The other vase i got the candies from See's. I already had the silver plater, but you could get one on the dollar store. The owl and skull I got at Taipan. The other picture is an original painting of the haunted mansion. The candles I got from Michaels using a 50% off coupon.
 My mom introduced me to these banners. I'm not sure what website she used but here's one that gives a good tutorial. Halloween banner  I used felt as the backing. So I sewed the front piece to the felt, just going around the shape with about an inch border. I then used pinking shears to cut the border.Notice I also used different ribbon and rick rack to add to the design. Thanks mom!
I used the same method to hang these drapes, I have siding which makes it pretty easy using binder clips to get things secured. The wreath is a grapevine wreath I just hot glued spanish moss on and added snakes (martha stewart). The potions have different colored water beads you can get at walmart or craft stores. When you add water they expand.

The sign and coffin lids I will share how to make in a different post. The orange things hanging are actually my "shrunken heads" I just peeled unusable apples and strung them on twine, I also put orange and black ribbon and gauze. At night I have lights that look like candles, it gives an awesome setting! My archway is a lattice, I took weeping willow branches and trimmed other bushes and put them in the lattice. Don't you love my big pumpkin? Jackson's parents grew it in their yard! That's it for now, but there is more! Can't wait to share!

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